MLS for Less® Program

Everything in our “Direct-To-Buyers” program is also included in our “MLS for less” program!

Why do sellers often pay real estate agents 6% or 7% to sell their home?

Because it works! The Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) is the single most powerful marketing tool in place today to sell homes.

Most homes around the country sell through the MLS system. The power of MLS is cooperation and compensation. Most homes do not sell by the listing offices! In actuality, most sales involve two different offices, a listing office, and a selling office.

This means that it is not as important which office you choose to list your home as it is that your home is listed in the MLS.

You can pay less and still get MLS – Assist-2-Sell allows you enjoy the full power of MLS while paying less.

Here’s how it works

When you list with a traditional agent, they place your home into MLS. The listing office offers to share the total commission you are paying with the other MLS agents. This compensation is their incentive to sell your home.

Assist-2-Sell offers MLS!

All Assist-2-Sell offices are REALTORS® and members of their local MLS®. Assist-2-Sell offers you the option of placing your home in the same MLS system at a lower total commission. Just like the traditional offices, we share the commission with MLS agents, so they have the same incentive to sell your home as all the other homes in the MLS. In most cases, the cooperating agents earn the same selling commission they are accustomed to receiving because Assist-2-Sell absorbs the “discounted” portion of the total commission.

How can we sell homes for lower commission?

Volume. By charging a very competitive, the lower commission Assist-2-Sell generally attracts a higher number of listings than traditional agents. We can afford to make less on each sale when we sell more homes.